Monday, April 11, 2005

new playing ground... Cool mattresses hey... We bought them!

I am not quite so sure when exactly will it be that I will effectively leave Huancayo, although Huancayo isn't one of the prettiest cities in Peru, the work we have been developing during the past week and a half makes any attempt to leave this place extremely difficult. It seems stupid to leave before we actually finish the three study rooms and one classroom we were arranging (with the help of lots of donations from Portugal)...

In the meanwhile I started saying goodbye to the small children of coto-coto... It is extremely odd to say goodbye to some of those kids, they simply don't care... I left some of these pictures to some of those kids, I guess I would like them to have some pictures of when they were small... I signed on the back: to blabla from Jose... I thought of presenting my self.... Hi My name is Jose, I was taking care of you for the three weeks and a bit... I saw you giving the first steps, you can through the longest pooh ever, or thanks for making me like to play babies. I also though of simply leaving my email or blog address in case one day they might want to contact me... I ended up only writing: from Jose... and tried to say good bye on that stupid way that only kids do, opening and closing the right hand... useless, accepting I will simply disappear from those selfish egocentric minds, I used the right hand to close the door. Posted by Hello


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