Thursday, March 17, 2005

Public transports...

Most public transports are tiny, there are various scales of tinyness, the motokar tiny, the tico taxi tiny and the local bus/van tiny... not only are they tiny and they also move in random directions, because of that brownian kind of motion it is not very easy to find a car that hasn't at least a couple of bumps on the side (that meant having to get on through the window of the taxi picking me up, for safety reasons, from the airport). Although not as pretty as the three mentioned above, so far, my favorite public transport is the colectivo, they are absolutely conventional taxis but, as the driver picks the first passenger, he defines a route, sticks a paper on the window, and starts trying to convince anyone walking by spending most of the time buzzing to get peoples attention... a normal car can get up to 4 people (other then the driver) in lima... but in paracas, people just kept comming in, and at some stage there were 6... It is a very nice place to socialise, and you often can have some really nice chats out of it...
The only negative thing about colectivos is that you don't get to argue the price, they are cheap and the price is the same for everyone, I believe they are the ultimate socialist taxi.


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