Monday, June 13, 2005

só porque li

"Look at me, Weinstein though. Fifty years old. Half a century. Next year I will be fifty-one. Then fifty-two. Using this same reasoning, he could figure out his age as much as five years in the future.
Weinstein had been called by the House Un-american Activities Committee and admitted having given money to the Russian War Relief, and then added, "Oh, yes, I bought Stalin a dinning-room set." He refused to name names but said if the committee insisted he would give the heights of the people he had met at meetings. In the end he panicked and instead of taking the Fifth Ammendment, took the Third which enabled him to buy beer in Philadelphia on Sunday."


At 8:03 AM, Blogger alex said...

Isto é do livro do Woody que andas a ler?
E ainda dizes que não é fixe...
Tens que mo emprestar!


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