Monday, September 18, 2006

SNR, wikipédia, democracias ditaturas e cidadania

Procurava como medir correctamente a Razão Sinal Ruído (Signal to Noise Ratio, SNR) de um determinado sinal... mas, em vez de uma resposta que me esclarecesse todas as dúvidas, encontrei uma bela imagem sobre autoritarismo e democracia participada:

Informally, "signal-to-noise ratio" refers to the ratio of useful information to false or irrelevant data.
In online discussion forums such as Usenet, off-topic posts and spam are regarded as "noise" that interferes with the "signal" of appropriate discussion, or Bugzilla, where "please fix this" comments clutter up the discussion without helping to solve the bug.[1] Many Internet users believe moderated forums offer an improved SNR.
The wiki collaboration model addresses the same problem in a different way, by permitting users to "moderate" content, adding signal while removing noise.

viva o universo Wiki.


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