Thursday, March 17, 2005

first post... in peru

Not sure why it took so long, there are internet shops absolutely everywhere, in the most unexpected places, you can find them in the normal touristy areas, habitational areas, inside the market, in the middle of a road which sells mainly tunning exaustors, on a small road with 50 different eyeglasses shops, or on a road with hundreds of people selling you the most random things, from cakes (there was even a very tasty looking pudding), to rullers, going through books, tables, chairs, dvd, color markers, black boards, white boards... even in small towns such as Ica (in Ica there was even one in the middle of a oasis next to the shop that rented sandboard) or in Pisco (I failed to spot one in the Paracas Reserve, coincidence or not I also failed to spot the promised penguins, sealions and flamingos)... Overall I believe I was overwhelmed with the internet offer, and kept looking for the perfect place to post.
I ended up taking just as much time to post for the first time in peru, as to get my first diarrhea... I believe washing the grapes with tap water just isn't enough... I will consider peeling the next lot.
Other things took me far less time... for example, it took me only four hours in peru to notice I had a debit card missing in the wallet ...thankfully, it took me only another hour to find it back inside the cashpoint where I had been far too carefull checking no one was watching how much I was withdrawing.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Candida said...

que post tao ensosso!! queremos saber mais coisas! como foi a viagem? A palavra-passe resultou? qual a tua primeira impressao de lima? que tens feito?
tens uma legiao de pessoas presas as tuas noticias, por favor, alimenta-nos!!

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Candida said...

huummm o post que eu li nao era bem assim... desculpa o comentario :( para a proxima e melhor ficar calada!!

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