Monday, January 28, 2008

"The siege of Gaza, imposed by Israel after Hamas has seized the Palestinian territory last july, ended up abruptly before dawn on Jan 23 when militians blew holes in a border wall and over 350,000 Palestinians swarmed into Egypt.
Some Palestinians craved food - goats were a hot item for purchase in the Egyptian side - and medicine because Israel had blocked all but basic humanitarian aid from Gaza. Businessman and students streamed over, as did scores of brides-to-be, caught on the Egyptian side, who scurried accross to be united withe their future bridegrooms in Gaza. And some, like teacher Abu Bakr, stepped through a blast hole into Egypt simply to "enjoy the air of freedom""
TIME magazine

o que quererá dizer basic humanitarian aid... a mim quer-me parecer que deveria ser bem diferente de basic aid. apartir do momento em que em que se põe human ali no meio devia haver não só deireito a comida, mas também saúde, liberdade e prespectivas de um futuro melhor e e de um presente digno que não pode passar pela simples sobrevivência.


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