Tuesday, March 22, 2005


is so far my favorite one.. she is one of my 11am to 1pm distraction, she is 17 months but still can't do much walking... as none of the 20 kids between 10 days and two years old that are in that ward... mainly that is the consequence of only having two baby-sitters (that accumulate with the position of cleaners with no washing machine, cooks and whatever else they might have to do) doing 12 hour shifts (I am not blaming them, they do put lots of effort, but it is just overwhelming),... the kids are mainly left on their own ... no language or walking stimulus... it definetly makes the growing process much slower.


At 5:36 PM, Blogger filho_de_Marco said...

Overwhelming ... é mesmo. Será que se tem consciência no norte/ocidente, que a actual população desta "Nave Espacial Terra" vive à custa dos que não têm acesso aos mínimos bens - a saúde mínima, educação mínima, mínimo futuro ?

E uma vez ganha tal consciência ... "what to do next ?" num mundo em que nem a utopia é mais o que era?

Ou será que ainda há espaço para as utupias ???????????????


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