Thursday, March 24, 2005

Going local

I am staying in a nice neighborhood of huancayo, a middle class kind of suburb, by nice neighborhood I meant that the houses look almost finished (for some odd reason the last floor of most of the houses seems to be permanently ready to take a further floor), they have large fashionable dark windows, the road (Av. San Carlos) is asphalted, which is not true for most of the small roads that cross it... those are made of soil. In one of these roads, the one that separates the seventh from the eighth block, the locals (the lady of the tinymarket, the guy from the car garage, and their friends and family) play volleyball... the net crosses the entire road, and is slightly lifted whenever a taxi wants to pass, or laid down when the odd truck appears down the road... Me, being neither family nor friend, and having played for two hours yesterday, have to assume that I am now a local (I even got offered a young single Peruvian).


At 1:54 AM, Blogger alex said...

e ficaste interessado na "young single peruvian"? :-)




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